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Our Vision & Values: Compassion

'Recognising that we are all flawed, we seek restoration for those who have fallen and the revival of hope in those who have failed. Demonstrating Jesus’ love and practical assistance to those in spiritual, emotional, mental or material need' (GCC value 'Compassion')

'There's no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting others up' (John Andrew Holmes Jr)

We're continuing to look at the values by which GCC abides 'to be a healthy, growing church where people can meet Jesus, know him and make him known'. We want to be regarded as a church that stands for justice and mercy, and we can demonstrate this by acting with compassion towards those with whom we interact or who seek our help or fellowship. Han Gibbons here considers this vital attitude, reaffirming that Jesus' example teaches that acting with compassion towards others is indeed a necessary aspect of being a committed Christian.