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Our Vision & Values: Teamwork

'We cannot exist in isolation. Those belonging to the local church need each other. We each have individual skills, abilities, personalities and personal goals, but we are joined together by our common experience of the love of Jesus and with one purpose, which is the extension of God’s kingdom through the local church.' Which basically states that we have to work as a team if we are to achieve GCC's vision, pulling together with one common purpose, utilising our varied God-given talents. Because we want to do what we do - well. And we all have our part to play, as Jules Bond - with a little help from husband Pete - explains in this talk, the sixth in our series examining in more detail the values we hold as a church. Sadly, it hasn't been possible to embed within Jules' talk the practical applications of team working (acting in rhythmical unison and building a jigsaw together) which we all enjoyed that Sunday morning - take my word that it was most impressive!