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Vision & Aims: Bible Based Community

Jesus regularly alluded to Old Testament writings in His teachings and parables. That's how crucial and relevant God's word was then and still is now. Here at Gillingham Community Church, our desire is to be a Bible based community and in so being, to have Jesus at the centre of all that we do. But how do we know whether or not we're doing what He requires of us? Answer - through prayer and by regularly reading and referring to the Bible. But how can we be sure it's true? And can we still trust a book that was written hundreds of years ago? Here's Andy Sparkes reassuring us that the Bible is not only true, but also crucial to our growth and understanding as a church. I suppose one could comment that whilst His word thankfully lacks in nonversation, its steadfastness, wisdom and beauty are just ineffable in our post-truth world...listen on!