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You're the Good, Good Father

Heads up church! We've got a new song being introduced this Sunday (7th Feb 2016) called Good, Good Father. It is a Bethel song that really resonates with the stuff some of us have been looking at through the Freedom in Christ course. Have a listen.

Praise Overflows

Here's the song we've been introducing recently. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have the guitar intro on a Sunday morning!

Excited about worship

Something that gets me excited is leading worship at GCC. Often my enthusiasm far outweighs my ability in this area, but let's not let that stop me. There are some cracking God-songs out there at the moment; songs that inspire and uplift. Songs that glorify and declare truth. Here are just a few of the songs that resonate with me at the moment.

God bless!


It has been a while

We do like to introduce new songs every now and again, but it can be difficult to remember them once you've left the meeting. Here are a couple of the songs that we're singing at the moment. I hope you enjoy them, listen to them and bring your best singing voice when you hear them next! 

Awesome Worship Song!

By popular demand, here's another of the superb worship songs that we've introduced recently. Have a listen and leave a comment below.

Dave Wells

We're privileged to have Dave Wells visiting us this Sunday. Dave is the leader of LifeLinks International and as such has a "helicopter view" of all that is going on in our international family of churches. He'll be with us for the weekend and we're looking forward to hearing what he has to bring for us at this time.

Emotional Time

I had a hard time during yesterday's preach (Fruit 1 - Faithfulness) I broke down in tears during the talk and in front of everyone and never completely recovered.

I don't cry often, but when I do it is usually something sappy like a film... and often a film that you shouldn't really cry over at my age (and gender - if we're being stereotypical). I've cried at ET, Toy Story 3, The Abyss, and The Tigger Movie. So it seems (The Abyss excepted) that I need to stop watching kids films.

Yesterday was not a sappy moment; the tears weren't due to a particularly dramatic event or horrific happening either. I've had a few late nights in a row and we had hosted my family over for Chloe's birthday celebrations and there was a slightly unexpected confrontation there, but nothing that should have caused such a reaction. But the blow out from that confrontation drove a bit of a wedge between Jules and I for a short while (overnight... don't worry, we're good). I don't want to pretend for a second that I understand how God feels, but "break my heart for what breaks yours" became very real to me. As I was preaching on the fruit of the Spirit and the negative list that precedes it I was struck by the way many in our church are going through hardship and difficulty in a massively diverse range of personal, work and social situations. But you know what... God loves us. 

I don't know where we go from here. All I know is that as we explore the fruit and "abide in the Holy Spirit", we can expect many more encounters of God revealing his heart towards us.

Now watch this rap about how awesome dad's are and try not to laugh too hard at the dad crying at the kids film (at about 2 minutes).

It's the Dad Life

So that...

This week's preach took an unexpected turn when a "connectives card" was noticed on the floor in the pre-meeting prayer. The card read "so that" which is an awesome connective which begs to have some meaning attached. Think about it in terms of the resurrection of Jesus; Jesus died so that... We are made to be priests so that... We are part of the Kingdom of God so that...

Where are your "so that" statements taking you this week? Why did Jesus die and rise for you? What is the purpose? What are the implications? Heavy stuff but also, in fact, very liberating! Jesus died so that we could all be Priests. This means that I can talk directly to God and there's no need to rely on others for my relationship with him!

100 Scriptures for Compassion

Clare led the morning meeting with Compassion being the theme throughout. Part of the talk was the 100 scriptures centred on Compassion that scrolled through at an alarming rate. I've linked the source web page so that you can click through to read the verses in context.

What do you think? Can you see why these verses are categorised at "Compassion"? Do they help? What is God saying to you through them? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

Unfortunately the sound recording of the morning is not good enough quality so the talk won't be put up on the talks page (you really can't hear it properly at all). We have since identified the issue and hope that it won't happen again.


I've loved worshiping with this song over the past few weeks. It is absolutely stunning and not hard to play on the guitar either! Let me know your thoughts.