Click one of the buttons above to go straight there, install the mobile app, or read the information below to find out more.


ChurchSuite is the new church software that GCC is using for our contacts and rota. The system is online and comes with a website interface as well as apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices (links above).

Getting Set Up

You will have been sent an email that looks like this:

Clicking the link will take you to the sign up page.

Create a password in the relevant boxes (don’t forget this!) and then click Register. Your password must be at least 8 characters long, containing a number and an uppercase and lowercase letter – which is a right pain, but them’s the rules!

Opening ChurchSuite

When you’re done registering, you go straight in. But what about next time? Just click the ChurchSuite link on the GCC website to go to the login page.

Or if you’ve installed the app on your mobile or tablet, just log in to your app there using the credentials that you set up in the above steps.

What you can do in the app

Edit your details

On the Home Page you see the details we have for you on the right hand side. If these are incorrect or need updating then click the Edit button and make the necessary changes. You can even add a photo to your details if you like! If you don’t want your address, phone number, mobile number or indeed any information appearing on the address book then you can tailor your appearance to others within the system in your “Edit Details” section.

Now to explain the various options in the left menu.


The home page, as above. Edit your details or view your communications from here.

My Communication

Any emails that you will have been sent through the ChurchSuite system will appear here. Even if you change email accounts you’ll be able to see all of those emails in this area. These are simply copies of the emails that you’ve been sent to your real email account.

My Children

If you have any children their details appear here. You have complete control over your children’s information and you can add any information that you are happy with. The children information is not widely shared and is only there for administrative purposes. The date of birth is used by the system to alert when moving groups might be appropriate, for example.

My Rotas

All of our rota information is now kept online and scheduled through ChurchSuite. You can now see who the other people are in your rota group – who’s on with you and who is not (and therefore can be swapped with).  You can see your weeks or all weeks and never lose your timetable of when you’re on rota again!

If you want to make a swap with someone then you can sort it all out here!

1.       Organise your swap (not in ChurchSuite, in person!) with someone who is willing to do so

a.      Have they taken it on for free?

b.      Or are you swapping dates?

2.       On ChurchSuite go to rota, look for the date you’re swapping.

3.       Your name is highlighted in red with “Organise swap” underneath. Click this.

4.       Select who you’re swapping with (they must be on the rota) and then select the return swap date if appropriate.

5.       Click Save Changes.

Search for others

You are be able to search the address book for other people’s information. 

Log Out

Click this to log out.