Vision and Aims



To be a healthy, growing church where people can meet Jesus, know him and make him known.


Gillingham Community Church is called to be a Holy Spirit led, Bible-based community where:

  • Jesus is the centre of all that we are and do
  • The Holy Spirit has freedom to operate
  • A safe place can be found
  • Everyone can belong and contribute
  • We are united in purpose and direction
  • There is confidence in who we are and where we are going
  • We stand for justice and mercy


Our values are the way in which we go about fulfilling our aims. At GCC we are not perfect but we seek to maintain a culture based on:



Recognising that we are all flawed, we seek restoration for those who have fallen and the revival of hope in those who have failed. Demonstrating Jesus’ love and practical assistance to those in spiritual, emotional, mental or material need.



Recognising that the head of the church is Jesus, we have structure but avoid hierarchy. Believing that all those who are part of GCC have a role that contributes to and enriches the entire church. Treating everyone with the same consideration and care regardless of their circumstances or origins.


Ensuring that whatever we do, we do wholeheartedly, to the best of our ability and, where appropriate, professionally and legally. Maintaining high standards without undue excess.



Giving rather than taking. Doing more than just what is necessary as a church and as individuals. Because Jesus gave of himself, we give our time, money, effort and other resources, knowing God’s grace will sustain us. [2 Corinthians 9:11]


Thankful to Father God for the sacrifice of Jesus and the opportunity of abundant life both now and for eternity. Expressing praise and worship to God both together and individually in every part of our lives. Appreciating the words and actions of one another. [1 Thessalonians 5:16-18]



Mutually preferring one another. Recognising and supporting individual gifting and ability, which contributes to the whole church, whilst avoiding the promotion of personality. The success of one is the success of us all.



Transparency in all that is said and done. Honest constructive dialogue between individuals and with other organisations. Open accounting and records, whilst maintaining appropriate confidentiality, when required. Building trust and confidence. Keeping “short accounts” with one another by dealing with issues promptly and sincerely.


Reaching out to those outside the church, locally and further afield. “Kingdom-minded,” not empire building. Mission oriented, rather than introspective or just maintaining things as they are. Recognising that reaching out to others is the most effective way of meeting the needs of those already within the church.



Led by the Holy Spirit, both corporately and individually. Being naturally supernatural, Using contemporary means to relate to those inside and outside of the church. Ensuring that all we do and say has meaning.


We cannot exist in isolation. Those belonging to the local church need each other. We each have individual skills, abilities, personalities and personal goals, but we are joined together by our common experience of the love of Jesus and with one purpose, which is the extension of God’s kingdom through the local church. 


Belong, believe, be changed

Many people believe that they have to change their behaviour and be good enough before they can join a church and look for God. They mistakenly believe that somehow they might be able to do enough good things or punish themselves enough to be accepted.


This notion that you can change yourself enough, believe in God and belong to the church is the wrong way round. Nobody could ever hope to be “good enough” to approach God so, because he loves you, he has made a way, through faith in Jesus, for you to come to him just as you are. There is no “good behaviour” or “standard of holiness” that you have to reach before you can come to know God.

At GCC we hold to the principle of belonging before you believe. That is to say we want you to feel accepted and at home with us, no matter how good or bad you consider yourself to be, whilst you explore what it means to become a born-again Christian and the commitment to God and to each other involved in this. Once you truly put your trust in Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, you can rely on His power to help you to change from the inside out.


We believe that God brings individuals together in his local church and that he has a purpose for us all. Therefore we work as a team of partners, each partner having their own unique contribution to make towards fulfilling the vision we have for GCC.

Find out who looks after the different areas in which GCC is involved.


Being a partner with us at GCC is open to any adult who believes that they are called by God to be part of our family in Gillingham. You must be a born-again Christian, trusting in Jesus as the Saviour and Lord, and have been baptised in the understanding of this, preferably by immersion.

You can find out more about being a partner at GCC by reading our Becoming a Partner booklet or speaking to one of the church leaders.