Global Community

Gillingham Community Church members are involved with work in several countries overseas including Romania, Jamaica and China. The nature of this work changes from time to time and as a congregation we give regularly to Fusion Jamaica. We are increasing our involvement in the child sponsorship initiative through Compassion.


West Kingston is one of Jamaica’s most notorious inner cities; known for its gang leaders, violence and poverty.

Fusion Jamaica has been working with children and young people in West Kingston since 1999 and has seen remarkable stories of hope. Communities have come together peacefully to end an outbreak of violence, children have learned different ways to resolve conflict rather than just fighting (and have even taught their parents about it), young people have grown and developed in character and in creative skill, and have had opportunities for education that they would not otherwise have had.

Funded completely through private donations, Fusion Jamaica is a volunteer-based community that sees West Kingston and Jamaica through the eyes of hope, and is working to see this hope have an impact on the lives of young people in this community and across Jamaica.


Compassion’s main focus is on individual sponsorship whereby sponsors commit themselves to sponsoring a child of their choice and maintain contact by sending and receiving letters. 

Children receiving sponsorship are given formal education, medical care which may include provision of basic supplies such as soap, toothpaste, food and clothing that is needed, as well as being introduced to the gospel at the project they attend. As children develop, they also receive guidance on career planning, setting realistic goals for their future with the help of project staff. 

Compassion always aims to be:

  • Child focused – every child has the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel in a culturally relevant way:
  • Christ centred – programmes engage each child, fostering their spiritual, economic, social and physical development;
  • Church based – programmes are run exclusively through local churches.

Over the years some 1.3 million have been lifted out of poverty through Compassion’s work and last year 125,000 children came to faith in Jesus. Compassion’s work is literally life-changing and even from thousands of miles distance, we can play a part in changing children’s lives. 


Individual members of GCC are involved in work in Romania through other charities and have even started a UK-based fund (Harmony Romania) which helps individuals and families who are in need in Romania, particularly in and around the Comanesti area in North East Romania. The help given includes food parcels, clothes, some building work, financial support for medicine and of course prayer.

Financial support or specific items or clothing donations for this work should go through Toni Shave at the church please.