What We Believe

What We Believe


Our beliefs are based on the teachings of the Bible. We have the same basic beliefs as all mainstream Christian churches, which is that there is one eternal God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that Jesus came to this earth and was crucified, died and rose from the dead to provide a way back to God for human beings and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of born-again Christians.

Jesus is the reason that the church exists. Without him we have no purpose. He is the focus of all we do. With him at the centre, we are secure in his love, we have a sense of our destiny and we know who we are. Living our lives in his service, our worship, prayer and getting to know Him more through the Bible, are key factors in maintaining this focus.

For those who are interested, please see our statement of belief, which states our basic beliefs in a bit more detail.

How does this work out in practice?

Our mission is to take the Good News of Jesus, by our words and actions, to everyone locally and globally. We are not called to fulfill our purpose in isolation, but as a community of God's people. We are not perfect, but we are committed to working things out together. We are a work in progress.


We want to grow to be mature followers of Jesus, through submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit and by teaching, equipping and encouraging one another.

Everyone who is part of GCC has a part to play and a purpose to fulfill. Through our wholehearted participation, the whole church is built up and grows.