Small Groups

Small Groups

Apart from our weekly Sunday meeting, the other major regular activity within the church is our network of Small Group meetings where our aim is to Love, challenge and grow.

We encourage all who regularly attend the church to become involved in one of our Small Groups as they are a vital part of the way our church functions. Each Small Group generally meets in someone’s house, usually on a weekly basis, although some may meet fortnightly. Some groups meet during the day and some in the evenings. We currently have groups that meet on:

  • Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm

  • Tuesday evenings at 8.00pm

  • Wednesday mornings at 11.00am

  • Wednesday evenings at 7.45pm

  • Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm

  • Thursday mornings at 11.00am

These groups are where people really get to know each other, where we can express our love and care for each other in very practical ways, where we can pray and study the Bible together, where we can support each other and where we can help each other in our walk with Christ.

The Small Groups help us to build meaningful relationships and strong connections between people in the church, and each group is generally between about eight and 14 people in size.  The groups usually meet for three 12-week sessions each year with breaks for the summer, Christmas and Easter.

People are completely free to move between groups to find one where they really feel at home. If you are not already connected with a Small Group, please take the opportunity to talk to us about this, and explore which may be best for you.

Weekly discussion questions can be found on the Small Group Questions page.