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Evangelism: Sharing Your Story

What’s your story? How did you first come to know Jesus? How has Jesus made a real difference in your life? For what are you particularly thankful? All - or some - of these questions can form ‘your story’ which you can use to tell others about your faith. Few of us have incredible, Damascus road experiences but that doesn’t matter because, whatever your story, someone needs to hear it. And practising it makes perfect, as Angela Siderfin facilitates in this week’s talk!

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CAP Sunday 2018

Gillingham Community Church has been a Christians Against Poverty centre for 10 years! Woo hoo! Today we get encouraged by stories, testimonies and facts and figures to do with the wonderful work that we have been honoured to be a part of over this time.

Steve (our area manager and CAP Yeovil worker) helps us realise what an important work it is that we are doing here.

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Church Family: Marriage

In this recording, the second in a trilogy of talks looking at relationships and the Church family, Graham Palmer considers what it means to be in a marriage relationship from the perspective of Jesus the bridegroom and the church. He examines why marriage is a covenant, not a contract, and introduces us to the concept that we probably married the wrong person. Intrigued? Then listen on!

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Evangelism: Through Compassion

Andy Sparkes takes us on a journey outlining our motivation for compassion - what drives us to empathise with, and take action to alleviate, the suffering of others?

Pastor Fredie Sekeywa

This weekend, GCC has had the pleasure of hosting Pastor Fredie Sekeywa from Uganda. His first time in the UK, let alone visiting GCC, Pastor Fredie explains his mission in ‘Celebration of Hope Ministries’, of how establishing coffee farms is helping to provide incomes, homes and the Good News of Jesus to poverty-stricken families throughout his locality in southern Uganda. There’s also a message for GCC, encouraging us to ‘let our light shine’ in our community. Great coffee, by the way!

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Evangelism: Friengelism

….or, in plain English, Friendship Evangelism. We all have the ability to influence our friends, relatives and work colleagues but do we ever introduce Jesus into our relationships? That’s ‘friendship evangelism’. It isn’t about forming relationships with the ulterior motive of proselytising, i't’s about using what we already have to talk about what is really important to us. With reference to Luke 15, Pete Bond explains how we might be more effective in evangelising to our cohorts

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Evangelism: Treasure in Heaven

Steve shares insight into the nature of the “Treasure in Heaven” that we are storing up whilst here on earth. What more motivation do we need?

Evangelism: A Culture of Evangelism

GCC is back! Here's hoping we're all rested and ready to move forward...ready, because if we want to grow both individually and as a church, we need to be open to change. And what better way to start than to consider our great calling - to go out and tell people the good news about Jesus. As the title of this informative talk by Andy Sparkes suggests, we have to develop a culture of evangelism. We all have a story of how we first came to know Jesus; so what's yours?

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We all have the God-given ability to make choices. Unfortunately, we don't always make good choices, but then again, nor did some of the more successful characters throughout the Bible (think of Peter and David, to name but two). Crucially, our bad choices (failures) need not become our identity, because that is in Jesus. As Andy Sparkes here reminds us in this last talk in the Pick n' Mix series, we are held by God's hand. He chose us.

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Church Family: Singleness

If we want to grow as a church family, we need to understand each other and in particular, the status in life to which God may have called us. Whether we're single or married, or maybe struggling with issues around relationships or sexuality, each of us has the ability to encourage, support and empathise with our Christian brothers and sisters. Graham Palmer starts off this mini series on the Church Family with 'Singleness', taking as his core text 1 Corinthians 7.

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Forgiveness and Offense

When we take offense it is our choice; a trap that is put out by someone else, but is ours to spring or not. 

Similarly, forgiveness is our choice; we can choose to forgive others whether they ask for it or not!

Today, Pete lays out some important principles on forgiveness that will help us to experience a new degree of freedom in life, and experience all that God has for us in forgiveness.

Be encouraged.

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Peace and Joy

Sometimes we just don't feel peaceful or joy-filled. In fact, nothing affects our view on life, our mood or our relationships more than how we relate to that peace and joy available to us through the Holy Spirit. But we can choose to be joy-filled, to capture our negative thoughts and align them instead with God's heart. How we view ourselves and those around us is inextricably linked to our position in the Kingdom of God. Steve Gibbons bases his talk on Romans 14 v17, 'For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit', and offers some thoughts on how we can be filled with peace and joy. 

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God's Good Gifts

If ever we need reassuring that God is both for us and wants the best for us, then all we need do is turn to James 1 v15: 'Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.' (NKJV). Whatever our circumstances, there's always something for which we can thank and praise God. Angela Siderfin gives us a timely reminder of this, providing some ways in which we can better appreciate God's good gifts and give Him the glory for them. 

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In the World, but not of the World

We live in the world. We live, work and meet with all sorts of different people, many of whom live a Godless life. How on earth are we to remain in right standing with our Lord, to not be corrupted by the world's standards? Well, that's why Jesus came to physically live amongst us, to provide us with an example of how to live in the world but not actually be of it! Martin Powell here speaks from the New Testament and uses both his own life experiences and a model for Christian living to illustrate how we can be in the world, but not of it.

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Restoring the Land

Ted uses the story of Gideon to encourage us in our journey with God. God can (and does) use anybody and we should be prepared to allow Him to confirm His word to us - Gideon used a fleece, and God didn't seem to mind! 

Having said all that, if God wants to surprise us by whittling down the army we put together, then that's His call too! Gideon's assembled 30,000 strong force became 10,000 and then 300 under God's direction. 

Settling the Land

Before the Israelites took possession of the Promised Land, God instructed them to drive out the peoples already living there, in order that they wouldn't become contaminated by the local practices, particularly idol worship. At first, they did as they were told, but then failed to remove every one of them, leading to the Israelites intermarrying with the locals and joining them in their worship of idols (utterly forbidden). Whilst we are not called on to 'drive out' our neighbours, we are instructed throughout the Bible to refrain from putting anything before God in contravention of the greatest commandment. Pete Bond uses the example of Israel in the time of Judges to illustrate the idols we face and how we can, with our eyes fixed upon God, overcome them.

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Subduing the Land

Having led the Israelites across the River Jordan, Joshua was now tasked with subdividing the land promised to them by God, to apportion to each tribe distinct areas they could make their own. But one problem remained - most of the locals weren't exactly friendly, nor did they wish to give up their homeland without a fight! We often find that to achieve something important to us (our 'land') we too face obstacles which we have to struggle to overcome. Thankfully God reassures us - as he did Joshua - that he will not abandon us, so long as we are strong and courageous. In today's talk, Andy Sparkes describes the difficulties Joshua faced (not least with his own people) and invites us to consider how we can, with God's unfailing love and guidance, take our land.

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Questions God Asks: Where Are You?

God asks many questions in the Bible - not because he doesn't know the answer, but because He desires us to enter into a conversation with Him. One of the earliest questions put to mankind by God was "Where are you?" It's  a question He often has to repeat when we face tough times and ask, "Where are you God?" He replies "Where are you {insert name here}". Our good friend from Goshen, Indiana, US, Steve Chupp, reminds us in this talk that whatever is hidden cannot be healed - and exhorts us to engage with God so that He can really start working on us - and with us.

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Joshua Deceived

Who hasn't ever been deceived in some way? It happens to all of us (sadly) and even to those who we might think are so wise they could never be 'scammed'! We're told in the Bible that even Joshua was deceived as he went about conquering the land promised to him by the Lord. But there's a telling reason provided as to why the deception happened - he did not consult the Lord before embarking on a course of action he thought was sensible. Continuing our look at the life of Joshua, Martin Powell teaches us from both testaments how we can avoid the pitfalls of situations that challenge us.

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